The LGHPI is a volunteer association of property owners in the Lake George watershed. Lake George is a beautiful body of water located in the southwestern central area of New Brunswick, just 30 minutes west of the capital city of Fredericton.

Lake George was formed by glacial action about 10,000 years ago. Plots of land were granted around the lake in the 1830s, with some settlement taking place in the area at that time. Since that time, the lake area has seen increased settlement and recreational use.

As with any lake, concerns and issues arose over the years. A small group of property owners started discussions in 2008, that lead to the formation of the “Lake George Habitat Preservation Inc.“.

This association is concerned with:

  • water quality

  • water level monitoring

  • stewardship and best practices for property owners

  • promotion of the Lake George community

  • emphasizing the history of the area

  • water safety

  • forest management practices

  • fish and wildlife habitat

  • education