LGHPI Membership:

Membership in the LGHPI is $10/year with the membership running from AGM (July) to AGM.

Categories of Membership

Category A - Family membership 1 – property owner in the Lake George Watershed area (see definition of zones in “About LGHPI“). Includes spouse and dependent children.

Category B - Family membership 2 – legal adult children of property owners in Plan A. Includes spouse and dependent children.

Category C - Associate membership – general public. This is a non-voting membership.

Note: Only one vote per property owner ("spokesperson" for any Plan A and Plan B memberships that share a common property)

How to apply for a membership

    1. Complete a membership form and along with the fee deliver to any director

    2. Complete the Membership request form (left) and we will be in contact with you.

    3. Membership fee can be paid electronically via e-transfer to lakegeorgehpi@gmail.com.