Area Covered By Each Zone:

Zone 1 - CE Centre, Lake Road to Lakeshore Road, Right and Left Branches of Lakeshore Road.

Zone 2 - CE Centre along Route 635 to Ewart Hyde Road, Ewart Hyde Road, Sunset Cove Road, Wilroy Lane.

(Excluding Mick Mack Trailer Club)

Zone 3 - Route 635 from Ewart Hyde Road to junction of Route 636, McGeorge Lane and McGeorge Subdivision.

Zone 4 - Route 636 from Junction of Route 635 to the Campground, McMurray Road and Cottage Lane.

(Including Lake George Family Campground)

Zone 5 - Route 636 from the Campground to Russell Bell Road , Russell Bell Road and Hazen Lane.

Zone 6 - Mick Mack Trailer Club


Director(s) at Large as needed.